Primum Non Nocere Foundation - 2017 in Review

Good day everyone ,

As we quickly approach the end of 2017 I sat at my computer and started going through everything to put together a foundation year-end review for everyone to see, I did not realize all we had done this year. In the year of 2017 the Primum Non Nocere Foundation was able to personally touch the lives of more than 18 individual and families of emergency medical professionals. As I read through the emails from those asking for assistance I could remember each and every conversation I had with each one and their heart felt stories. Their strength and pride is incredible and all have a consistent statement “ don’t worry about me , just take care of my kids and my family” This is what drives me and my board to do what we do and will continue as long as we can. I know this is a long email, but take a moment and read the awesome stuff we were able to do with YOUR support.

  • Assisted past NYC Paramedic F.B. who is a single mom suffering from chronic medical conditions and living with 2 teenage daughters. She now resides in Florida and due to monetary struggles she has not seen her proper doctors and has fallen behind in her bills. We were able to give her $400 for groceries to see them through the Easter / Passover holidays and also $100 to help pay for doctors co pays.

  • Assisted 16 year NYS EMT L.B. that was injured on the job in December 2016 and has been unable to work since. To make matters worse her husband’s union has been on strike for the past couple of months and now they have no income. We have so far given $200 for groceries and will be giving another $100 for the first week of July. This will hopefully help them keep above water until workers comp or spouses strike ends

  • Received word from great friends Sal, Wendi and Gary that the partner of EMT Yadira Arroyo , EMT M.W., was still out of work and having a tough time making her rent and paying bills. I contacted her landlord and then started a 7 day on line / email campaign to raise funds to cover her past due Mays rent. We were able to raise $1230.00 in donations and the foundation put in the remaining $270.00 and mailed check directly to the landlord. On another note another friend of the foundation Brian Demarest and his wife took it upon themselves to help and sell “EMS Strong” bracelets and raised over $2,000 that was sent directly to M.W. as well…great job!!

  • Assisting Peekskill Volunteer Ambulance long time member Evan Fytos who is battling stage 4 cancer. Looking to pay or contribute to a utility bill up to $150.00 and give the family a little relief as they stay strong to fight this cancer. Sadly he passed soon after so the money was donated to a fund his Volunteer Ambulance corp started for his widow.

  • In May we gave 3 Jim & Judy Alexander EMS Memorial Scholarship / Grants totaling $900.00 and we will be giving 1 more in July.

  • We have been fortunate once again to receive $500 from the Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation to be used for future Jim & Judy Alexander scholarship

  • We held a couple of very successful fundraising events and gatherings both in Brooklyn and Staten Island. On May 22nd we held our progressive 50/50 raffle which raised $1630.00 , $815 was to be given to the winner. Paramedic C.Balzano was the winner and asked only for his $100 investment back and donated the $715 back to the foundation…Chris is just an awesome guy!!!

  • Our first annual Dinner & Wine Tasting Fundraiser at Waterfalls Restaurant this past Saturday was a huge success! Thank You to everyone that attended, donated raffle items and sponsored our journal to help support Primum Non Nocere Foundation in all its efforts to assist Emergency Medical Personnel in need. With 41 supporters in attendance, great & plentiful food, 11 great donated raffle & auction prizes, wine tasting by Ellen Mitchel and Hope One wines, perfect music performed by Ron Gerardi and a filled journal there was nothing but positive thoughts for the night. We presented two EMT students with Jim & Judy Alexander Scholarships and the highlight was Having Sal & Wendi Turturtici there and they presented the foundation with a $500 donation. With everyone’s help we were able to raise just about $3,200 after all expenses were paid and all sponsors are received.

  • Sent $300 in Stop n Shop Gift Cards to widow of Paramedic and Veteran G. T. from upstate NY who suffered from severe PTSD and took his own life and left wife with 4 kids with nothing. Former EMS Director of St Johns Queens and good friend Mario Gonzales has helped us and taken the widow and family food shopping in our name.

  • Attended the 10-13 benefit for Paramedic Nadeem Ishaq who lost his home to a fire in October. We donated $350 in Wegman Food Stores gift cards to him to assist his family through this hard time

  • Right before Thanksgiving I was contacted by a friend and fellow EMT instructor Amy Hoglund asking for assistance for both her and her Husband. Amy and Howie Hoglund are both EMT’s and both were injured on duty some time ago and now are totally financially and mentally wiped out. Annmare, Keith and myself took them on a good grocery shop to “fill the fridge”, Keith and his Mason lodge donated a full Thanksgiving dinner and we are in the process of raising just about $2,000 to pay for their Novembers past due rent.

  • In early December we received a an urgent call for assistance from one of our “stars of life” in regards to an EMT on Staten Island that was evicted from his apartment and was basically homeless till he gets to his family in a few days. We were able to secure lodging for him and he is now stable getting his life in order.

  • Just this past week we received a call for assistance from another Staten Island EMS family in need due to her husband suddenly becoming ill and now has been out of work for a few months. With bills piling up and no much coming in the family of three were only able to eat one good meal a day usually purchased from the dollar store. Keith and myself took them on a huge grocery shop to “fill the fridge” which should last them though the holidays in to early 2018!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from all of us at Primum Non Nocere Foundation

Louis, Annmarie, Ted, Keith, Brian, Louie G and Linda

Louis P. Cazzetta, M.S.E.D, EMT-B CIC, AHA RF

Primum Non Nocere Foundation



(917) 642-7008

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