2016 End of the Year Update & January 2017 Update

Last Saturday, 1/7, during this winters first snow, BOD member Keith Santero and I met up with Hylton Pharr to deliver a portable Oxygen Concentrator to a wonderful person Liz Ramos who for many years worked as a Paramedic in the Bronx. She is an amazingly strong and humble person; we are honored to be able to help you in this little way. We look forward to your future posts and pictures of everywhere you can go now, keep us posted! Below is a picture and posting Liz put up on our FB page, certainly a great way to start off the new year!

On Thursday December 22nd 2016, Primum Non Nocere Foundation Board member Keith Santero, supporter Manny Kramer and myself took EMT T.R. food shopping to "Fill the Fridge" for her and her family. We were able to fill two full carts, just about $450 worth of groceries that will should last her and her family through the new year.

T.R is an EMT and was assaulted badly by an EDP while by a patient while working in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago. She is out of work for some time as she heals and we are proud to be able to help such a humble, brave and strong EMT.

Primum Non Nocere Foundation

2016 End of the Year Update


Checking Account Balance as of Dec 27th 2016: $4,999.03 (90% of all donations collected to date has been used to assist Emergency Medical Service providers in need)

No Outstanding Bills

I have submitted the IRS 990-N (e-Postcard) for 2015 on Nov 1st 2016 and accountant will follow up


  • The Lois & Richard Nicotra Foundation Grant - $750.00

  • 2nd Annual Halloween Party Oct 22nd 2016 – $1443.12

  • EMS Brooklyn South Gathering Nov 17th 2016 – $400

What We Have Done Since August 2016:

Ø August 7th 2016 – Gave EMT L. S. an additional $100 Shoprite card to help while still recovering from open heart surgery

Ø August 25th 2016 – Whisky & Steak Dinner – Brought in $605

Ø September 8th 2016 – Mailed AMR Ambulance an $100 Speedway Gas Card and $50 Walmart card to Assist Paramedic Tim Hoffman from Grand Rapids Michigan and family through his recovery and rehab from horrible ambulance accident. Total amount Spent $150.00

Ø September 22nd 2016 – Purchased $346.66 worth of Kosher food to assist NYC Paramedic S.G and family as he heals from major back injury which occurred on the job.

Ø October 2nd 2016 Ted and I attended the NYS Volunteer Ambulance Association Conference and with BOD Linda Reismans help, made PNNF public for the first time. Overall Cost was $318.46

Ø October 7th 2016 – Sent $100 to AL Funeral Home to help with the funeral expenses of NYC Paramedic Jeanine Newhouse who passed and had no family.

Ø October 22nd 2016 – Presented EMT Kaitlyn Brunetti with our 2nd Jim & Judy Alexander EMS Memorial Scholarship of $300 at our 2nd annual Halloween Costume party which went very well overall.

Ø November 10th 2016 - Assisted FDNY Paramedic C.G and family with paying his overdue Propane bill and filling up 1 tank to last him through the Middle of December – Total amount Spent $533.02

Ø November 25th 2016 - Purchased $350.00 worth of Kosher groceries for EMT C.H. and family as he heals from an injured shoulder while waiting for compensation paperwork finalization.

Ø December 29th 2016 – Finalized purchase of a used portable Oxygen Concentrator ($1,499.00) for Bronx Paramedic L.R. and should be in her position before January 10th 2017

Ø December 29th 2016 – PNNF 2nd Whisky & Steak Dinner was a great success once again raising more than $600 profit for the foundation. A waiting list has already been started for our next event in March 2017…thinking Tequila this time J

Upcoming Events and Thoughts:

Ø Foundation Supporters: Stars of Life - $35 Donation gets you a Tee Shirt , a PNNF wrist band and a PNNF patch. Still working on all details, hope to roll out by February 2017

Ø Ongoing 50/50 Cash Prize Raffle with additional prizes starting in February and running through the end of EMS week 2017 Saturday May 27th2017

Ø Brooklyn South EMS Gathering Part Two – Feb/March at The Bean Post date and time TBA

Ø Whisky Tasting & Steak Night – March / April 2017 Date TBA

Ø Saturday May 27th 2017 - EMS Week 2017 Celebration at Bootleg Manning’s – Big fundraising party from 8pm to 11pm just for us - Band & Guest DJ’s…work in Progress

Ø Attend other local / tri state EMS conferences as vendors to get the word around, meet and greet etc..

Thank you to everyone and I am proud to say we are entering 2017 stronger than I could ever imagine!!

Happy New Year and Blessings to All!

Be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten!!

Louis P. Cazzetta, M.S.E.D, EMT-B CIC, AHA RF

Primum Non Nocere Foundation



(917) 642-7008

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