The Primum Non Nocere Foundation - To Help and Asist Pre Hospital Care Providers in times of need‏

As we worked and volunteered within the Emergency Medical Services of New York City and New Jersey it has given us all unique experiences, life long friends and "war stories" we get to pass on to family and new EMS students as time rolls on. Over the years we have also seen many of our co-workers get injured on the job, become incapacitated due to illness or suffer a family tragedy and struggle to put food on the table and keep the lights on in their home. There are very few organizations out there that assist the Emergency Medical Services in times of crisis, we usually turn to our colleagues who pitch in and do what they can. The Primum Non Nocere Foundation was created to help support and assist pre hospital care providers when they themselves are in need of a helping hand. Whether it is assisting a family with warm socks, clothing and food after their house has been destroyed by a hurricane or just a card and small bouquet saying " Get well soon, we are all here for you" this is our intentions. No matter whether you are employed by a private ambulance company, a municipal agency, a hospital based EMS service or a volunteer The Primum Non Nocere Foundation will try and make a difference. How can you help us? There are a couple of ways. Since we are new ( only 2 weeks old ) we have a couple of fundraisers that all of you can be a part of.

  • We set up a GoFundMe Campaign to start building up a monetary fund for when it is needed

  • Recipes to the Rescue! An EMS Cook Book - This is our first fundraiser spearheaded by our foundation Treasurer ( and my wife ) AnnMarie . She is looking for recipes that we could compile into a Cook Book which will be sold at a nominal price as a fundraiser later this year. Please submit your recipe via email with some quick details of yourself or organization ( Name, Where you work, Title, How many years etc..) Your not an Pre Hospital Care Provider and have a killer recipe to submit, great send it over and it will be placed in our supporter or "mutual aid" section.

  • You yourself or your company would like to sponsor our Recipes to the Rescue Cook Book, please see attached for monetary sponsorship / advertisement opportunities

This is a new venture for us and we all feel very strongly about the goals and vision of the Primum Non Nocere Foundation and will need as much help as possible along the way. Please let us know what you think and if there is any way you feel you could help us along this journey

thank you

Louis Cazzetta, M.S.E.D, EMT-B


Charles Rawley, EMT-P

Vice President

AnnMarie Cazzetta


Brian Collins, EMT-P

Board of Director - Member


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